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7 Black Friday Popups Every Online Store Needs

After all, you want to leverage this year’s social-distancing-friendly, all-online Black Friday experience by attracting more shoppers to your online store.

That’s why, this year, it’s more important than ever to focus on what happens after potential customers swarm your site.

By using targeted, personalized popups that show at the perfect time, you can make the most of your Black Friday traffic and turn visitors into buyers with the right incentives.

If you’re looking for new ways to increase your Black Friday sales, keep reading to learn about the seven must-have Black Friday popups (and how you can use them the right way).


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1. The Email Popup

It all starts with an email list.

Not just any email list, though. To get the most conversions from your subscribers, you need a segmented email list, full of people who are willing to hear about your Black Friday offers.

The weeks before Black Friday should be the time when your email popups shine on your site. How you incentivize new signups is up to you, but here are two strategies that worked for our customers in previous years.

i. Early Access

Black Friday works on a first-come-first-served basis. If you’re late to the party, you miss all the good deals.

Use this high demand to your advantage and promise your new signups to be the first to know about your Black Friday deals.

Make sure to highlight the exclusivity of your offer in popup copy, too. Here’s how that might look:



Like what you see? Load this high-converting template in our editor and customize it to the look and feel of your business.


Email your list one day before you go public with the sale and give them early access to Black Friday. As easy as that. 🚀

ii. Additional Discounts

If jumping the queues, skipping the lines, or being the first-to-know aren’t big enough incentives, you can offer an additional discount to your new signups.

With an extra discount, as small as 5 percent, you can collect more emails and bring more orders in, without hurting your profits.

Check out this popup example:

2 Black Friday Pre-Sale Popup

You can experiment with free gifts, giveaways, free delivery codes, and much more as your popup incentive.

Sleeknote Insider Tip:

Hide your email popup from existing subscribers to ensure a better shopping experience. You can then target them with a popup informing when your sales will start, which brings me to my next point…

3 Newsletter-Subscriber

2. The Pre-Sale Popup

While an email popup is a must-have to get new subscribers before Black Friday, a pre-sale popup is another essential one to leverage your existing subscribers.

With a pre-sale popup that creates excitement among your subscribers, you can build anticipation for your upcoming Black Friday sales.

By using a countdown timer in your pre-sale popups, you can inform visitors of when your Black Friday campaign will start and set expectations in advance.

If you don’t want to spoil the experience completely, you can feature a sneak peek at your offers and add some mystery to your popups:

4 Black Friday Sneak Peek Popup

If you want to go one step further, you can create a calendar event for your sale and add it as a link to your call to action (CTA) button. 

5 Black Friday Save the Date Popup

This way, your subscribers can add the event to their calendar and be reminded of it without much effort (which means a sure sale for you. 😉

Sleeknote Insider Tip:

When you add a countdown timer to your popups, you decide what happens when the timer ends. You can choose to disable the popup at the end of the timer and we’ll automatically deactivate your popup, so you don’t have to look back.

6 Countdown Timer

3. The Discount Popup

When the big day arrives, you naturally want to welcome visitors into your store the best way possible.

7 Black Friday

(Well, not exactly like this.)

You can use discount popups to guide your visitors in the right direction and send them to the pages where Black Friday is happening.

By creating one or more simple discount popups, where you promote your offers and send visitors to the right pages, you can give potential shoppers a place to start.

Here’s what your discount popup might look like:



Like what you see? Load this high-converting template in our editor and customize it to the look and feel of your business.


While a countdown timer helps inform shoppers in a pre-sale popup, in this case, the timer highlights the urgency and scarcity of the offer.

By using a countdown timer in your discount popups, you can visualize the end date of your sale and make visitors take action. It’s the perfect tool for promoting limited-time offers, such as Black Friday sales.

Sleeknote Insider Tip:

Upload custom fonts to Sleeknote to make your discount popups stand out even more on your site.

9 Black Friday Discount Popup 2

4. The Product Recommendation Popup

While a simple discount popup like the above does the job of directing visitors’ attention to your sales, an even better way of doing that is to give people a concrete starting point.

With personalized product recommendation popups, you can invite visitors to check out your bestsellers, promote almost-sold-out items, or curate products that are a Black Friday bargain.

Take a look at this example:

10 Black Friday Product Recommendation Popup 2

Or even better, you can add dynamic product recommendations into your popups to make sure that you don’t promote out-of-stock items:

11 Black Friday Product Recommendation Popup

With targeted recommendation popups, you can promote the items that are on sale and increase conversions from visitors to customers on (and after) Black Friday.

Sleeknote Insider Tip:

If you’re using Shopify, you can create a custom collection for Black Friday and add it to your popups with a few clicks of a mouse.

12 Shopify Recommendation Popup

5. The Upsell Popup

Black Friday shoppers are all in for spending money, with the promise of saving money.

When a visitor shows interest in your store on Black Friday, your goal should be to leverage their buying intent and turn them into customers with helpful, non-intrusive popups.

What’s more, you should also try and take them to a higher price point, while you get their attention. Upsell popups are the perfect tool for that.

You can simply recommend products that go well with what’s already in a visitor’s cart or incentivize high-value purchases with free gifts or delivery.

The key to upselling without overwhelming your potential customers is to be relevant to the shopper’s behavior and interests. For example, if a visitor has items worth $10 in their cart and you’re trying to take them to a $100 basket value, you’ll have a hard time convincing them.

Or, if the visitor is browsing low-priced kitchen accessories while you recommend them high-end living room furniture, once more, you risk losing them for good.

The solution? Show the right visitor groups the right upsell popups they need to see.

For example, you can create an upsell popup promoting free shipping for orders over $100, but only show it to those who have over $50 in their cart:

13 Black Friday Upsell Popup

Since discounts are overused on Black Friday, extra benefits, like the above, can help you sell more, without annoying shoppers.