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7 alternative Netflix apps to watch movies and series for free


With the view of smart TV screens or Smart TV, as well as the TV Box that allows you to convert any regular TV into a smart TV, you may want to take advantage of some services for watching movies and series on your screen, and perhaps the most famous of these services is the Netflix service that can be used on the computer, Phone, TV screens and every digital device, and it is considered the first and optimal option without a dispute, but unfortunately it is not free and sometimes not available to some countries as well, which makes the dream evaporate in front of you, until this article appears that tells you that you can still achieve your dream by watching Movies and series are up-to-date on your TV screen without Netflix, and guess what, for free as well, here we will suggest you a set of TV applications in particular but can be installed on almost any Android device through which you can watch movies and series, we consider them personally Free Netflix Alternative. 
Important note: We will not provide any links to download applications, but it is sufficient to search for their name in search engines and search for their official sites or sites to download applications not found in the store and obtain them 

1 - Cyberflix TV app: 

In order not to spoil your viewing pleasure, all this is in one application that can be installed on the TV screen or even on your Android phone. But we remain practical, there are some drawbacks in the application such as "Captcha" that the application asks you to enter each time, so that sometimes you have to enter it more than 3 times in order to watch one movie, which remains an obstacle between you and the free viewing.

2 - TeaTv app: 

TeaTV application can be considered one of the powerful applications currently in the field of watching movies and series for free, and an alternative application to the Netflix service as well, the application offers all the movies, series and animation as well that you want, with the search feature you can reach closer to what you want, you can filter movies by categories Like drama, comedy, action or animation, the same thing applies to series, the application does not support the completion of the film or episodes, so you must remember the timing well before leaving the application. The application works on almost all Android devices, and it is best used on smart TV screens or TV boxes to enjoy your best movies and series episodes on TV without the need for paid services such as Netflix. Well what's the drawback of this app? According to experience, the application performs a relatively long buffering process. If you want to watch a movie at 10 pm, it is best to start running the application and search for your movie at 8 pm so that it can download the movie well and translate as well.

3 - Cinema HD application: 

Cinema HD application, can be installed on the smart TV screen or on your Android phone as well, the application differs slightly in terms of the interface from the rest of the other applications as its interface is simpler and less in services, but it remains good in all cases, the application is available on the newest movies and series and the oldest, It can be viewed for free and with the click of a button. One of the disadvantages of the application is translation, unlike the previous two applications and many other upcoming applications also in this article, the Cinema HD application does not support downloading the subtitles and synchronizing it with the movie or episode, and if the translation is necessary for you, bypass this application. Its advantages on the other hand, are the speed of downloading and playing movies, and the lack of annoying ads, if we exclude the translation factor, we can talk here about one of the best applications for watching movies and series for free at all and it works on both the phone and the TV to get an experience Watch better.
Here is a list that includes a group of Arab and foreign websites that will enable you to watch and download movies for free and with ease we recommend them.
In this topic, we offer you applications for Android and iOS that allow you to watch movies, series, and anything, download and enjoy them ..

4 - TVZion app: 

TVZion is another free and alternative application for Netflix, the most beautiful application that you have on the TV screen, it is really a masterpiece and convenient as if you are really watching Netflix, for Android phones, its interface is normal like the rest of the previous applications, it comes with similar features such as filtering and searching, and it supports translation as well. The application is available on all the movies you want, and it is also updated on a daily basis to add movies of all categories that you can notice in the application interface, for the episodes of the series, the matter is similar as well, the application does not support the completion of the movie or series upon exit, nor does it support synchronization between each of the application The TV screen is separate in case you are using the same application on the two devices. As for the movie playback speed, it is relatively good, faster than some of the applications reviewed in this article. Movies can be played in different resolutions according to your internet speed.

5 - Typhoon TV app: 

Typhoon Tv is an alternative app for Netflix that also offers movies and series for free to watch, with a dark interface like its peers from the previous apps, and with similar features as well. Perhaps the biggest feature of this application is its inclusion of its own video player in the movie, as most of the above applications will require you to install side applications such as MX Player or Yes Player in order to play the movie externally, but this application has its own media player that makes watching the movie or series faster And more control by pausing, forwarding or delaying the video.
The application also includes ads, but not the same intensity, you can also note that the application is light in browsing and browsing movies and series a little compared with other applications, you may not find some series in the application also, especially the rare or Underrated, and you may find only famous movies and series Sometimes.

6 - MorphTV application: 

MorphTV application, we did not actually try the application, but according to the available information, it is a good application whose interface is slightly different from the rest of the other applications but it is similar in displaying movies, we do not think that the application currently supports subtitles, and if it is, it is likely that Arabic is not included in the list. The application also comes with a media player included in the application, and you will not need relatively external applications in order to run these movies or series, some series can be saved in the Favoris in the application in order to return and watch them later, the application supports the ChromeCast feature so that you can broadcast movies from Your phone to any other device such as a TV screen, although we do not find it necessary if you have a smart TV screen, as the application can be installed in it and run as efficiently as it is in an Android phone.

7 - Titanium TV app: 

Titanium TV application, another application that may replace services such as Netflix, whether on your Android phone, your tablet and also the smart TV screen, the application has a dark interface as well, and has a good interface, whether on Android phones or on the TV screen, we suggest you try it if you encounter some problems In installing some other apps, we don't consider Titanium TV to be a perfect app, but it is fine.
The application is based on the torrent streaming stream, and almost all of the aforementioned applications do the same process, so on your internet it would be good to get a great viewing experience through the application. As for the rest of its features, it is very similar to the rest of the aforementioned apps in terms of viewing movies, splitting them, filtering them, downloading subtitles, and so on. Have you noticed my friend how most of the apps here start with the letter T? Coincidence? Maybe so, don't forget to share your opinion on this in the comments.