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This free tool automatically deletes your old tweets, retweets, and likes

This free tool automatically deletes your old tweets, retweets, and likes
There are a lot of tools out there for deleting your old tweets in bulk, but they don’t offer you much control, and many of them require you to run them manually every time you want to clear your tracks.
To get rid of all this headache, developer Michael Lee had made a tool named Semiphemeral to get rid of your old tweets, likes, retweets, and even DMs. This tool was earlier available as an open-sourced version you had to set up on your own server, but now anyone can easily use it through its new web interface. 
The tool is super customizable with options for deleting tweets, likes, and retweets up to specified days in the past. You can also filter out tweets that have had a high engagement.
Here’s how you can use it:
Go to the Semiphemeral website through your desktop browser.
Log in to your Twitter account and wait for your tweets to load.
After that, you can look at the tweets and even individually delete them if you want.
If you want to delete tweets in bulk, head to the Settings tab.
Configure a schedule for automatic deletion of tweets, likes, and retweets
semiphemeral interface to set up automatic deletion of tweets, likes, and retweets.
You can also configure the app to delete your DMs. However, the app specifically asks for access to your DMs, and you’ll have to decide if you’re comfortable with that before proceeding. Plus, you can also choose to not delete some tweets ever under Tweets tab.
Semiphemeral schedule settings for deleting tweets, retweets, and likes
If you’re deleting many tweets, you might have to wait for a while because Twitter’s API enforces rate limits on how many requests an app can make within a certain amount of time.